June 2017

Top 5 cafe equipment you need to open a new cafe

A coffee shop could be an ideal and a secured choice of business for many. With assured customer base and easy investment, it can be a good business alternative. However secured a business is, it is always prudent to prepare well for it. You would need all sorts of catering equipment which would include equipment for brewing coffee, tables, and d├ęcor for creating a friendly and amiable ambiance. The overall cafe equipment could range from extremely costly to quite inexpensive which depends on the quality of the equipment. Here are some of the main cafe equipment which are quintessential for a good coffee shop or coffee van:


1.Coffee maker machine
Making coffee in the coffee shop is your primary objective and for that, you would need the best coffee maker machine. You can either choose an espresso machine or an industrial coffee maker. When making a decision make sure that you keep the type of clientele you want in your mind.

2.Coffee grinders
If you want to serve your customers the best form of coffee then you would have to grind the coffee beans by yourself, and for that, you would require coffee grinders. However, choose that grinder which can handle the amount of beans you have in mind. Get grinders used for espresso and industrial types. You will be doing a lot of coffee bean grinding for a coffee shop business. You will be ordering coffee beans and have to grind them at your shop. Freshly ground coffee tastes better than the ones ground weeks before brewing. It is also more affordable to buy beans instead of pre-ground coffee. Choose coffee grinders that are very durable and can withstand continuous use.

3.Thermal pots
Thermal pots are also necessary cafe equipment you need to open a coffee shop, especially if you will provide a self-service counter for milk and refills. This will lighten the workload of your staff and allow them to focus on other clients ordering drinks. Some customers also like self-service counter for the convenience and speed of doing things themselves.

4. Signage & Furniture
Another piece of equipment you will need goes outdoors. You should have a visible and attractive business sign with a neon open sign. You should position it high enough for driving customers to see it from the road. You might also need outdoor tables and chairs if you provide al fresco seating. This appeals to many coffee drinkers who like to “people watch” or enjoy the good weather.

5.Cash register
To print out your customer’s bill, you will need to buy a cash register or POS Systems at the local office supplies store. Get one that has an inventory program installed if possible. This will automatically record and balance your inventory as customers order. This helps ease the accounting workload. It also deters theft in your coffee shop business because every ounce or gram is accounted for.

This article has only touched on basic equipment you will need for your coffee house. You still need to buy tableware, utensils, kitchen equipment, interior decor, coffee cups, and much more. Just get a complete list online or start to make that list of appliances, tools, and equipment you will need. Be sure to get them from a reliable source, not from dealers and suppliers who are just trying to sell you their products. You might be alternatively interested in cafe fit out ideas.

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