Fast food chain

fast food can be considered disgusting, unhealthy, greasy, and repulsive
by many, but even in this tough economy, they are definitely still
prosperous. The greatest thing about the places with drive-thrus is that
it’s an easy meal solution if you are running out of time, great for
the last minute lunches. More than the quality of food, people tend to
like the taste. Greasy, cheesy burgers are delicious, just admit it. Recently Mc Coffee purchased more sandwich press after the success of both their coffees & sandwich.
There are many reasons why fast food chains are pumping up their game
and staying afloat during these times of recession.

1. Fast food chains are beginning to offer more healthy meal solutions. I’m sure
you’ve noticed the veggie burgers at Burger King, the salad selection at
Wendy’s, and the Fresco tacos at Taco Bell. Are they really that much
healthier? Who knows, but it’s no joke, fast food chains worldwide are
making an effort to have a larger selection for vegetarians and growing,
healthy children.

2. Fast food restaurants are trying to create favorable indoor dining facilities. Have you seen some of these new McDonalds? Frankly, the walls of plasma TVs are a little much, but these places are making a huge effort to make eating fast food more pleasurable, more comfortable for families, and overall, less embarrassing.

3. Popular chains are marketing themselves a lot better than in the past. I see a lot of competition when it comes to fast food, and I think each place is handling the pressure very well.

The images of the fast food chain setting full of colors, with big pictures
of Burger and fries, and the soda counters where you can fill all you
can drink are so appealing. But being health wary, and knowing about all
the unhealthy stuff that is wrapped in their meals, we cannot but ask
ourselves where does that appeal come from? Why is it that we feel the
need to indulge in eating that zero benefit, all fat meal that has
disastrous effects both on our health, body and morale?

While thinking about that, I came across the fact that children adore these
fast food chains. Everything is done there to attract families, and
children ask to go there, both because there are playgrounds where they
can play all they want, because they get their meal in nice flashy
boxes, and because they get that extra toy with every meal. They even
become collectors of these cheap 10 cents items, and sometimes just for
the sake of getting that extra item that is missing in their collection,
they make the whole family go to a fast food chain.

Parents want their kids to be happy and entertained. Their choices are dictated by
those of their children. The children choices are in turn dictated by
their attraction towards places where there are playgrounds, and where
they give them extra stuff, even if that stuff only costs 10 cents for
the piece, even if these same places sell crap for 10 dollars a piece,
and most importantly even if they load you with fat and long term health
problems and diseases.

So, the answer is there. No wonder if we
crave these fast food chains as adults. We have grown up as children
with pleasurable feelings towards these places. No wonder that we like
these salty fries, we have come to accept them as the standard of good
fries from our young age.With this in mind, our reaction today
should be not only to fight the craving feelings we have towards eating a
big burger accompanied with crispy fries, it should be to instill in
our children some good sense about eating good stuff and not eating bad
stuff. We should from now on educate our kids to know what is good for
them and what is not. We shouldn’t allow these fast food chains to buy
our children with 10 cents for their life to come, like they bought us
years ago.Here is an example of a food chain: phytoplankton to copepod to fish to squid to seal to orca.

7 Important Kitchen Equipment

To aid easy functioning, kitchen equipment are the most sought after pick. With today’s multi tasking woman on the move, it is very necessary to make sure that she has enough and more facilities available at her disposal to be her best in both worlds. With immense need to split tasks with an Italian Restaurant, the need for such appliances are very essential, it sort of brings ease into the whole thing. Kitchen equipment is something that we all need to invest in, without much of a compromise, this is because it is necessary that such appliances are available to make life easy. Here are 7 important kitchen equipment required for an Italian Restaurant.

Refrigerator: A refrigerator is one of the most brilliant inventions made to see to it that every Italian Restaurant has the facility for the best storage possible. Known for cause storing food, both raw and cooked, a fridge is an important necessity.

Electric Stove: We all know that without the stove nothing much can be done with regard to cooking. To have a stove that runs on electricity is a good investment in Italian Restaurant, because it helps in cooking and also helps a great deal in heating and other purposes. Basically, an electric stove is a necessity, because facilitates easy kitchen activity.

Cooking utensils: Various kinds of cooking utensils are also required in a kitchen. Pressure cooker, milk boiler, rice cooker, non stick pans of various sizes, steamer, baking dishes and utensils to cook and serve. Pans of various sizes such as frying pans, roasting pans, sauce pans and baking pans are also essential to cook food.

Gas appliances: Gas stoves are quite essential kitchen equipment for cooking food in Italian Restaurant. Gas stoves are available in different types which include two burners, three burners and four burners. Ovens and cooking range are the other two types of appliances which are used for cooking. You can also used gas appliances in a food truck, just make sure you hire the right food truck builders Sydney.

Serving utensils: Kitchen equipment also include the serving utensils such as teapot set, dinner set, plates of different sizes to suit various serving purposes, bowels,spoons and forks, glass wares,saucers, table knives, jugs and glass. Napkins of various patterns and colors can be bought at affordable prices.

Bread maker and food processor: One of the most important kitchen equipment for Italian restaurant fitouts Sydney that is of great use is bread maker since this will be of great use in making breads in a very easy manner. There are many compact bread makers that are available in the market nowadays and will be occupying very little amount of space. There will be many excellent features such as automatic adjustment of temperature and many more. Many numbers of people have been greatly benefited due the ease in making breads using this device. Equipment that will be useful in making items such as biscuit dough, cheesecakes, pie crusts and many more is food processor. All these equipment are available at discount price.

Can openers: Tinned foods are greatly popular in the Italian Restaurant nowadays due to the great level of versatility that is being provided by this product. These tinned foods will be available at much cheaper rates than the normal products. There is a great requirement to own a can opener that will be providing easy access to open various types of cans that comes in different sizes and shapes. Other equipment can be used for Italian restaurants using a lot of meat such as Birko meat slicer, tenderizer and sausage filler.

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Interviews with C. Giorgio London 17.07.2017

Top 5 cafe equipment you need to open a new cafe

A coffee shop could be an ideal and a secured choice of business for many. With assured customer base and easy investment, it can be a good business alternative. However secured a business is, it is always prudent to prepare well for it. You would need all sorts of catering equipment which would include equipment for brewing coffee, tables, and décor for creating a friendly and amiable ambiance. The overall cafe equipment could range from extremely costly to quite inexpensive which depends on the quality of the equipment. Here are some of the main cafe equipment which are quintessential for a good coffee shop or coffee van:


1.Coffee maker machine
Making coffee in the coffee shop is your primary objective and for that, you would need the best coffee maker machine. You can either choose an espresso machine or an industrial coffee maker. When making a decision make sure that you keep the type of clientele you want in your mind.

2.Coffee grinders
If you want to serve your customers the best form of coffee then you would have to grind the coffee beans by yourself, and for that, you would require coffee grinders. However, choose that grinder which can handle the amount of beans you have in mind. Get grinders used for espresso and industrial types. You will be doing a lot of coffee bean grinding for a coffee shop business. You will be ordering coffee beans and have to grind them at your shop. Freshly ground coffee tastes better than the ones ground weeks before brewing. It is also more affordable to buy beans instead of pre-ground coffee. Choose coffee grinders that are very durable and can withstand continuous use.

3.Thermal pots
Thermal pots are also necessary cafe equipment you need to open a coffee shop, especially if you will provide a self-service counter for milk and refills. This will lighten the workload of your staff and allow them to focus on other clients ordering drinks. Some customers also like self-service counter for the convenience and speed of doing things themselves.

4. Signage & Furniture
Another piece of equipment you will need goes outdoors. You should have a visible and attractive business sign with a neon open sign. You should position it high enough for driving customers to see it from the road. You might also need outdoor tables and chairs if you provide al fresco seating. This appeals to many coffee drinkers who like to “people watch” or enjoy the good weather.

5.Cash register
To print out your customer’s bill, you will need to buy a cash register or POS Systems at the local office supplies store. Get one that has an inventory program installed if possible. This will automatically record and balance your inventory as customers order. This helps ease the accounting workload. It also deters theft in your coffee shop business because every ounce or gram is accounted for.

This article has only touched on basic equipment you will need for your coffee house. You still need to buy tableware, utensils, kitchen equipment, interior decor, coffee cups, and much more. Just get a complete list online or start to make that list of appliances, tools, and equipment you will need. Be sure to get them from a reliable source, not from dealers and suppliers who are just trying to sell you their products. You might be alternatively interested in cafe fit out ideas.

You can read more about related coffee topics such as Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Real Estate for SEO in Sydney


When you are already running local campaigns in your newspaper or other community efforts than, this is similar to social media marketing on line. Online marketing however is about promoting your website and yourself on line via Facebook, ActiveRain or Stumbled Upon, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, and various real estate forums. Social Media Marketing is considered a very powerful method for driving traffic and garnering interest in sites and therefore your brand.

real-estate-seoSEO & Social Media

Social Media sites are free to use, so that is an added benefit to being able to harness their power to drive potentially high volumes of traffic in short order. Not only does social marketing assist businesses with growing our credibility on line in our real estate market place but we are also gaining valuable backlinks as well. This of course can only help increase a site’s ranking. Most of the popular social media sites have very high page ranks, so this makes them invaluable resources for building backlinks and authority to your site.It is important to understand how to create these market profiles for your self so our video series is there to assist with learning that skill set. The SEO power that comes with using these sites is to be truly respected as thousands of people flock to them hourly and if even a fraction of them translate into a targeted visitor for you, that is worth a lot. Hiring a SEO specialist will always help you to post the right content with the right links to your website.

In this case as you promote your site on these platforms all it really takes is a few people to become interested in it and they become targeted prospects when they arrive at your site. What can be really neat is that one or a few of these thousands of people may find what you say of value and share with a friend. When people share your words with others and it starts getting around the Internet that is called going viral. By committing to write useful information for your branding campaign, you can gain thousands of prospects to your site, that may translate into sales or referrals. Make sure you use the best landing page design to get the best CRO out of it.


The next question to then ask is have you set up your personal profiles on Facebook or other relevant real estate forums where prospects go to find answers to questions about moving or real estate in general? It is of value, in this international market place to set up special profiles about your website and your area of expertise. While, up to now you may have been spending money on your local newspaper adverts, now is the time to think about this vast free network you have access to. After all, there are people out there, worldwide, that may be looking for homes in your area, every day, so why not use social media marketing methods for this purpose? If you are not sure about which marketing strategies you want to go for, you can always hire a digital marketing agency.

Top sites to consider for your marketing campaigns on line are Facebook, Active Rain, LinkedIn, and other real estate forums that can contribute to your authority. All you need to do is create simple profiles at these sites and submit articles, editorials, news feeds, blog posts, and more. The high authority of these sites, means that our back link within your article will help boost your page in the search engines. If you are lucky, one of your articles will become a hit and people will be talking about it and posting it on their sites as well, which of course means more targeted traffic for you. This is called branding by means of social media marketing for just this reason.

New WordPress website

beer_glassesWe recently redesign some of the website to include a better user experience such as Liverpool plumber and cash for junk cars. We did add some inquiry form that are quite effective by adding them on bottom of the page and being mobile friendly. We did add a new layout also on our category page on Magento such as the bar equipment category.

In most of the case we try to give more information first and some value on the page prior to ask for customer details or a request call back.

Driftwood for fish tank

We advice our potential customers who own a tank fish to use authentical and original driftwood from Asia as a driftwood for fish tank. Our web design Sydney team made an excellent new Shopify website including a set up for SEO and deep market analysis.

driftwood for fish tankDue to lack of local stock, our team went to Vietnam to resupply in driftwood and develop our international network.

Cash for cars

Cash for cars

Sydney cash for cars is the latest car removal company in Sydney with an outstanding 7 years experience and 24 hrs fast response solution. They are located in Granville and they do run also few business related to the car industry. Find out more on their website on

You can additionally submit your car model via their quote form. They generally buy any models and in any conditions.

sydney cash for car

Dance classes in Sydney

Dance classes in Sydney

Creative Dance is now opening more classes on Saturday on their Vineyard location. They teach a variety of dance classes in Sydney such as jazz, tap and ballet dance. You can check out all required information on their website such as time table and fees. Great dance academy, highly recommended. Their teachers have many years of experience and run this company as a family business.

white-headerTheir website was designed by Sydney web developers DMS agency.

Aquarium Accessories

Aquarium Accessories

Our group recommend Exo Aquaristic to purchase aquarium accessories online. They sell a wide range on their online retail shop. They additionally sell driftwood and aquarium plants. They opened already in 2015 and now sell more than 20 driftwood a month.


Commercial ovens

Commercial ovens

It is not always easy to find the right combi oven that suit your business. For a level entry combi oven, you will have to look at a Unox combi oven (you can read more at Petra Group website). You can get a better idea about the 6 brands available for combi oven in Australia on Industry News website.

For more reading between the 2 different supply of combi oven gas vs electrical combi oven, visit Commercial Kitchens Direct website or alternatively go on Red Syncro website at

If you looking at the top of the range, we recommend you to read more about the benefits of Rational combi oven on DMS website.

Finally, if you living outside of Sydney, you should have a look at AMP Coding for more info on Rational oven in Canberra.